Last weekend I attended the FiLiA women’s rights conference held in Portsmouth. Inside women discussed how men sometimes are not who they say they are: loving husbands, caring fathers, enamoured boyfriends, dedicated sports coaches, trustworthy priests, respectful bosses, law-abiding police officers. …

When Allison Bailey launched the crowdfunder for her case against Stonewall in June 2020, the legal crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice took it down, after receiving complaints. They said:

“We considered that some of the language used on the case page, taken either individually and/or considered in the full context of the…

Credit: Nicole Jones

Tomorrow the appeal on the employment tribunal judgment in which my views were judged to be “unworthy of respect in a democratic society” begins.

It will go on for two days (the judgement may take months). Following that, if I win (and there are no further appeals) we would go…

There is a pattern here, don’t just look at the grovelling apologies that are demanded of people. Look at what we are not allowed to to talk about.

October 2018: a university professor tweets about concerns about child welfare:

Some students complained. 86 of them signed a letter

Maya Forstater

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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