Organisations adopt the idea that men can be women out of kindness or pragmatism. But the illogic breaks them. They end up contorting themselves around the contradictions and the double-speak, until their core principle snaps, and with it their integrity. Scientists pretend they don’t understand evolution, left wing organisations say…

Why my case is carrying on, why it matters, how you can help! (please donate)

In March 2019 I lost my job at the Center for Global Development over tweeting and writing about sex and gender identity, and sharing campaign material about the negative impacts of the UK government’s then…

The Fawcett Society is advertising for a new CEO .

When they first advertised for this job in October 2020 I applied, in order to make clear to the Fawcett Society Trustees the choice they had. …

When Allison Bailey launched the crowdfunder for her case against Stonewall in June 2020, the legal crowdfunding platform CrowdJustice took it down, after receiving complaints. They said:

“We considered that some of the language used on the case page, taken either individually and/or considered in the full context of the…

Sex Matters live tweeted proceedings from the Employment Appeal Tribunal in Central London (virtual hearing) on 27 and 28 April 2021. These are the lightly edited live tweets (originals can be accessed here)

Case was heard by Mr Justice Choudhury, President of the Employment Appeals Tribunal, and two lay members

Introducing Maya’s legal team:

Credit: Nicole Jones

Tomorrow the appeal on the employment tribunal judgment in which my views were judged to be “unworthy of respect in a democratic society” begins.

It will go on for two days (the judgement may take months). Following that, if I win (and there are no further appeals) we would go…

Observer journalist Rowan Moore and offspring Felix Moore have a cover story in the Observer Review today on their personal “father and son story” and on “trans rights issues today”

There is a pattern here, don’t just look at the grovelling apologies that are demanded of people. Look at what we are not allowed to to talk about.

October 2018: a university professor tweets about concerns about child welfare:

Some students complained. 86 of them signed a letter

Making women disappear from the law, one one word at a time

Last week the government introduced a Bill to enable female ministers and shadow ministers to take maternity leave without having to resign their posts. …

Václav Havel, dissident, and later President of Czechoslovakia wrote The Power of the Powerless in 1978. It is an essay about how totalitarian regimes turn ordinary citizens into dissidents. And about how individuals ‘living within the truth’ can break the spell of a totalising lie.


The manager of a…

Maya Forstater

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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