A tale of two crowdfunders

“We considered that some of the language used on the case page, taken either individually and/or considered in the full context of the page, was unnecessarily inflammatory and offensive.

LGB people are free to organise and campaign around sexual orientation and not trans rights without apology or permission from Stonewall or anyone else; criticism and investigation of notions of gender identity that are in conflict with, and doing harm to, the interests, safety and rights of women, children and LGB people, is not hateful or transphobic [Medium severity]

Just as there may finally be a reckoning about racial injustice, I hope there may also one day soon be a similar reckoning about male violence, oppression and woman-hatred; including a reckoning about this moment in history when men tried to run off with women’s rights. [Medium severity]

I learnt that the new trans activism is focusing, inexplicably, on young children and declaring them ‘trans’; treating puberty as a disease to be blocked with powerful drugs; delivering our young people into the arms of a multi-million-pound industry of big pharmaceutical companies and plastic surgeons. [High severity]

I saw that the same males who would have society regard them as women, were quick to brandish knives, axes, baseball bats and nooses, as they threatened with rape women who questioned the wisdom of replacing sex with gender — TERFs. [High severity]

I did not look away and I urge others not to either. Thanks to brave women who have come before me, such as the late, great, Magdalen Berns, whose courage and no-nonsense approach to calling out the new trans activism as the men’s rights movement it so clearly is, gave me courage. [High severity]

I was shocked to discover that significant numbers of male sex offenders are permitted to identify as women and nothing is being done to stop them. In England and Wales, some 40 per cent or more of trans identified males in the prison population are men with convictions for sex offences, including rape and possession of the most serious indecent images of children. [High severity]

I discovered that women incarcerated in prison are left vulnerable to serious sexual assault and mental anguish, as males, including sex offenders, are locked up with them. The new trans activism demands that a man’s desire to identify as a woman is more important than the right of imprisoned women to safety and dignity.[High severity]

These women have no way to escape, no choice, they are locked up. I do not see how this is anything other than state facilitated abuse and mental torture. [Low severity]

It is women like me whose lives have been torn apart and seriously blighted by wanton acts of male violence that know that men are often not who they say they are or claim to be. [Medium severity]

It is a terrible indictment of the new trans activism, that one of the greatest threats to LGB people today, especially young lesbians, is Stonewall, and its spin-off trans child and youth organisations. These organisations have been allowed to label gender non-conforming children, aged as young as 8 years old, transgender.[High severity]

If you are trans your very existence is apparently for up grabs.

And you will find yourself under attack in the media from a peculiar astro-turfed coalition funded, in part, by investment from anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-assisted dying US hate groups.

In the last few years we’ve seen attempts to throw out school guidance aimed at preventing LGBT+ hate crime, an employment tribunal case brought by a provocateur arguing for her right to misgender [he means me], a legal challenge to stop trans women being able to run for office in all-women shortlists, and another to close the door to treatment that is commonplace around the world. Those who want to roll back the rights of trans and non binary people are turning to litigation to do so.

Denigrating trans people, attacking those who speak for them, and campaigning to remove legal protections from them is the very opposite of a public good.

Whatever sweet nothings the so-called “LGB Alliance” whispered into the ear of the Charity Commission the truth was set out in a speech by LGB Alliance director Bev Jackson on 9 March 2020.

Their purpose is the denigration of trans people and the destruction of organisations that support them, in particular through political lobbying and campaigning for law change.

These purposes are reprehensible and they are not charitable; they are political objectives — to roll back legal protections for trans people.

But LGBTQ+ people across the UK face an onslaught of misinformation and attacks in the mainstream press, in politics and on social media. Those carrying out those attacks ought not to be dignified with charitable status — and the attacks should not be subsidised by the tax reliefs available to charities.

October 2020



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