Rosie Duffield liked a tweet by Piers Morgan…And then went on to tweet in her defence that female people have a name.

For this she was mass reported, and publicly condemned by the ‘bad cops’ of Labour Campaign for Trans Rights , while the ‘good cops’ of Labour LGBT+ worked privately to extract an apology. The bullying ended in Duffield taking a twitter break and issuing one of those awful hostage-note apologies.

Heather Peto of LGBT+ Labour claimed responsibility for negotiating Duffield’s statement and Labour MEP Seb Dance commiserated for the horribly distressing experience this must have been for Peto.

Dance got a lot of replies to this tweet. He called them a “diatribe of abuse and absurd claims”.

What does a diatribe of abuse look like?

There were a few that the Twitter algorithms flagged up as potentially offensive (don’t worry, unless you are very easily upset)

So there you go. Duffield was made to grovel for the “carelessness” of thinking that female human beings might deserve a name. While those who challenged her punishment were smeared as absurd and abusive.

Women — carelessly being female since 1755

Meanwhile LGBT+ Labour moved on to target its next female parliamentarian.

I could call what is going on absurd and distressing abuse of women in the Labour party, but unfortunately those words have been redefined.

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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