Going on to the Employment Tribunal

The Times — 5 May 2019

Losing at the Employment Tribunal

Winning at the Employment Appeal Tribunal!

This is just the beginning of my case

  • Providing a safe working environment for all staff, including trans persons, free from discrimination and harassment and ensuring their wellbeing and dignity at work.
  • Promoting their values as an inclusive organisation.

The Questions for the Tribunal

  • decide not to give Maya Forstater an employment contract to work on the Gates Foundation funded project she had helped to develop, and other projects? (Nov 2018)
  • subject Maya Forstater to an investigation for expressing her beliefs on Twitter? (Late 2018-Early 2019)
  • deny Maya Forstater any information about the complaints against her or any opportunity to explain or defend herself?
  • decide not to renew Maya Forstater’s visiting fellowship? (Feb 2019)
  • decide not to engage Maya Forstater on a consultancy contract for the Gates funded project? (March 2019)
  • who did not hold gender critical belief?
  • who did hold the gender ideology belief?
  • constitute unwanted conduct related to the protected characteristic of belief?
  • have the purpose or effect of violating her dignity, or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment?
  • apply a provision, criterion or practice (PCP) against expressing gender critical beliefs on Twitter? (and was this a personal Twitter account?)
  • if so did this put people holding the gender critical belief at a particular disadvantage compared to those who do not hold that belief?
  • if so did it put Maya Forstater at that disadvantage?
  • if so is the PCP a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim?
  • did this PCP put women at a particular disadvantage, because women are more likely to hold gender critical beliefs and to hold them strongly?
  • if so did it put Maya Forstater at that disadvantage?
  • if so is the PCP a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim?
  • say to Masood Ahmed, President of CGD, in a telephone call that sex is a protected characteristic under UK law?
  • say to Masood Ahmed that as a woman standing up for women’s rights, she had been told that she was not welcome?
  • write in an email to Masood Ahmed that “the reason for the lack of consensus is because some people object to my view on sex and gender identity, as reflected on Twitter”?
  • present this claim to the employment tribunal?
  • on 9 April advise CGD that she had lodged a claim for discrimination in the employment tribunal?
  • on 5 May 2019, launch a Crowdfunder making public the fact of her tribunal claim and co-operate with the Sunday Times ?
  • send her an email on 5 March 2018 effectively withdrawing the offer to continue working on the Gates project as a consultant?
  • remove her online profile as a former Visiting Fellow contrary to its practice of maintaining profiles on its website?
  • are any of the claims out of time?
  • if so, do they constitute conduct extending over a period which ended in time?
  • if not, is it just and equitable to extend time?
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This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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Maya Forstater

Maya Forstater

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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