I lost my job for speaking up about women’s rights

Help me go to court to protect other people who speak up too

I lost my job over tweeting and writing about sex and gender identity, and sharing campaign material about the negative impacts of gender self-ID on women and girls. I am now taking the organisation I worked for to the Employment Tribunal for discriminating against me because of my beliefs.

This will be an important test case in the UK on whether having ‘gender critical’ beliefs is protected under the Equality Act 2010 (in the same way as other religious or philosophical beliefs).

If we can establish this point in law it would help people who are currently afraid to speak up for fear of losing their jobs or being treated differently by their employer. It would also help people facing discrimination outside of work. For example political parties and membership organisations that suspend people for expressing such beliefs, venues that refuse to host public meetings and social media platforms that discriminate against gender critical feminists would need to re-think their policies or they too would face claims for discrimination.

And if this helps to open up the public debate about sex and gender identity in the UK, that will also benefit those fighting to have a normal public discussion about this issue in other countries.

I am crowdfunding for expenses to pay for legal representation — if you think that no one should lose their job for stating a clear opinion on this issue, please visit my Crowd Justice appeal, donate if you can and ask others to.


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