Illustrated Witness Statement by Maya Forstater

2014: Starting my relationship with CGD

2015: First contract

2016: Prospective fundraising

November 2016: Visiting Fellow with a contract

CGD’s culture of open and robust discussion and debate

Work and fundraising during 2017

Renewal of visiting fellowship

Close of the Ford Foundation grant

Contracts to personally do work in 2018

Discussion of all-male panels

Starting to engage on the gender self-identification debates

Manels discussion on Twitter

Discussions in Washington

Email re: your recent tweets

Discussing my blog post

Questions about my future at CGD

Meeting with Mark Plant on 21 November

Seeking to continue as a visiting fellow with a contract

6 December: Rejection by the SPG

Sub Committee

The Quantum Impact report

My response to the Quantum Impact report

  1. Definition and criteria not set out in CGD policy or defined in the consultants’ report.
  2. Detail of writings which were judged as “disrespectful” not disclosed.

Next steps

Follow up on the call with Masood

Leaving CGD

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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Maya Forstater

Maya Forstater

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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