Live tweets from the tribunal

Day one: Wednesday 13 November 2019

The morning session was spent on working out which issues will be heard and in what order. The judge decided that the issue to be heard should be the test case question of belief; whether my ‘gender critical’ belief is protected as a philosophical belief under the Equality Act 2010, and also whether the ‘gender identity’ belief which I do not hold is also protected. The Equality Act protects both belief and lack of belief.

Day two: Friday 15 November 2019

Wildwomanwritingclub, live tweeting — starts at 10:09
Maya Forstater, Claimant (MF)
Tweet from 25 September 2018

Day 3: Monday 18 Nov 2019

[10:14] Good morning from a Central London Employment Tribunal. On application by RC, J confirms it’s OK to live tweet from the tribunal.

Kristina Harrison, Claimant’s Witness (KH)
Luke Easley, Director of Human Resources and Administration, CGD , Respondent’s Witness (LE)
Paragraph 119, Maya Forstater’s witness statement
Picture from the Rachel Dolezal interview
Tweet of 13 Oct 2018
Tweet of 13 Oct 2019
Section from the draft article
Clair Quentin, Respondent’s witness
Tweet of 9 March 2019 (screen captured at the time by someone who sent it to me)
Twitter thread following FPFW leafleting in Manchester
Tweet about me after we were both at the same event
9 March 2019

Day 4: Tuesday 19 November 2019

The day starts with exchange of written closing submissions — an hour to read the submissions — hearing begins again at 11:00

Legalfeminist tweeting
The ‘Grainger’ criteria from Grainger v Nicolson
That’s All Folks!



This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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Maya Forstater

Maya Forstater

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender