Maya Appeal: Live tweets

Introducing Maya’s legal team:

  1. Maya Forstater’s beliefs pertain to interaction with the world
  2. Those beliefs don’t involve any moral judgment about any trans person’s identity, nor that they should be treated with respect
  3. The implications for those beliefs are context-dependent. In most social & professional circumstances she will use preferred pronouns, but where it is important she believes it’s important to refer to someone’s sex
  4. Under European Convention, Art 9/10 protections are denied to bellies which fail to meet the threshold except in except where it falls mould of Art 17 because it falls foul of totalitarianism, or extreme hate speech;
  5. Arts 9(2) & 10(2) protect debates on matters of public interest
  6. Applying the correct threshold at this stage there can be no doubt that her beliefs meet it, there is good authority on this. Hers are widely held and respected views.
  7. A’s beliefs happen to be on all fours with the law including the GRA 2004
  8. Even if the issue did require balancing of Arts 9/10 rights, it’s not the case that this inevitably interferes with transgender people’s rights. A’s beliefs are part of an ongoing debate of cultural significance.
  1. misgendering causes enormous pain
  2. was her belief protected by the EqA, not just Arts 9/10?
  3. the idea that only totalitarian beliefs fail Grainger 5 is novel, unsupported by authority & wrong
  4. even on a pure human rights analysis, speech here falls under Art 17
  5. this is about dignity
  6. Miller provides no answer
  7. Assertion that law is that sex is biological and fixed at birth is outdated following the GRA. Law and society have moved on.




This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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Maya Forstater

Maya Forstater

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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