Maya Appeal: Live tweets

Introducing Maya’s legal team:

“I believe that clearly recognising sex matters for education, safeguarding, medicine, design, statistics, combatting sex discrimination, single sex services, clearly talking about risks inherent in paediatric transitioning as brought out in Keira Bell v Tavistock.”

“People who recognise this difference between sex & gender are called transphobic. If you believe they are different, you accept that people’s GI can differ from their sex. GI is entirely subjective. There is no objective basis for rejecting it. Knowing sex matters is not transphobic…Believing people can’t change sex is akin to homophobia. Not even most trans people believe that recognising sex undermines their rights, eg. Debbie Hayton who said ‘I know I am not female cannot become female, but live in a manner analogous to being a woman…We must return to concrete reality so TW and women can work together to combat discrimination. While it may be polite to ignore sex in some situations, it’s not necessarily harmful to their dignity & human rights.”

“If I call a group all-male, tho some among them ID as trans, I’m referring to their sex, not their gender identity…I use ‘male’ to refer to sex not gender. Re ‘manels,’ CQ believes I’m a bigot if I don’t accept some change sex.”

“Gender is norms & roles which coercively stigmatising non-conformity. Gender is imposed on babies. Women & girls are disadvantages by these norms, and both sexes are stifled by them. Typically, when entrenched ideas about gender are formed, children identified as trans will refer to those as models for behaviour….Transwomen are not female, even if one changes physical appearance. An inverted penis is not a vagina. We can be qualified socio-legal women. We can be honorary women. We are unique in ourselves…Since transition I’ve been freer to express my personality without being punished for breaking gender rules, but I cannot claim to be female.” My dignity, presentation, safety and rights are unaffected by using a gender neutral toilet rather than female toilet. It is possible to respect women’s rights which respecting trans identity. “

“Feminist theorists and practitioners would argue that the restrictive concept of sex, grounded as it is in biological assumptions which can obscure the experience of gendered disadvantage 3 91 and fail to protect those who refuse to (or cannot) conform to gender norm are at the root of the problem, not illness. That ‘gender’- that is the social aspects of an assigned sex-can be, and is often, far more determinative of a person’s identity than physiology has not generally been reflected in domestic law.”



This is mainly where I write about sex and gender

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