The Fawcett Society: shutting women up in the name of feminism

“Some people believe that girls who like football need puberty blockers. We believe they need football boots.”

How can Fawcett reconcile their campaign against gender stereotypes while also accepted the idea that a man or boy who wants to wear dresses and make-up and play a traditionally feminine role in society is demonstrating their inner essence of womanhood, shared by all women?

“It is a very important issue and I can understand where the anxiety comes from. I see many cases of women… Suzanne Moore was a case in point.

Women who have found themselves on the wrong side of this issue and as a result lose their jobs or feel that they are being silenced.

My response is that it is inequitable from their point of view but freedom of speech is not an unqualified right.

It is a balancing task between those two interests and we do not want to silence women, we do not want to shut women out of this discussion.It is also important that we exercise free speech responsibly.”

Exercise free speech responsibly seems to mean keep quiet about women’s rights.

Nevermind the iceberg lets move the deckchairs

Trying to keep its head down in the debate about sex based rights, Fawcett has instead decided to invest its attention internally on a merger with the Young Women’s Trust. This was the next item on the agenda.

We have not had the chance to answer all of the questions but let me just say if you have had a answer …. because we are going to have to move on. This is all rather fast. If you haven’t had a answer, we will send you an answer after the meeting

And then something strange happened to the Q&A facility. I stopped seeing any more questions, but Fiona kept talking… she mentioned ‘Jayne’ and ‘Helen’ and other questions and comments about the merger, but I couldn’t see their questions.

Why does any of this matter?

Charities and the foundations that fund them play a key role as “civil society” building platforms so that people can advocate for their interests and rights, discuss and test ideas, feed them into policy makers, mobilise support for them, and hold governments to account. They are not exactly democratic, but they are a part of democracy.



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Maya Forstater

Maya Forstater

This is mainly where I write about sex and gender