We broke the first target in less than a day!

Day 1 Update

I have been blown away by the response to my crowdjustice campaign. We set an initial target £30,000 and reached it in less eight hours.

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Most of this was donations of between £5 and £25. There were a good chunk of bigger donations, and a few really chunky ones (thank you all!)

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The messages of support on Twitter, Facebook, Mumsnet and on the Crowdjustice page itself as the donations came in have been amazing and have underlined to me why I am doing this. Here are just a few:

  • Good luck in your litigation. I support trans rights, but am disgusted by the way this cause has been used to silence women.
  • My 2nd donation. The first was anon. That was daft. #IstandwithMaya
  • Good luck! I support you because I know I’d fear for my job if I spoke out as you did.
  • Thank you for having the courage to stand up for women against the bullies. Good luck. X
  • I may not agree with your views but I 100% support your right to express them without fear of losing your job. Good Luck.
  • How can you be fired for essentially repeating the contents of a Biology textbook? Are all science teachers equally in danger? Wishing you all the luck and thank you for doing this.
  • Sorry it’s not more. Donating because I feel it’s not safe to discuss this at work — and that shouldn’t be the case.
  • Workplace policies are making women fearful of speaking the truth. This is a game changing case. The fight is on!
  • Thank you for speaking out for so many of us who don’t feel able to.
  • I don’t know if I agree with your opinion; but that is hardly the point. We must be able to talk about these things.
  • As a gay man I feel it is imperative for gay and lesbian rights and safety that sex be recognised as distinct from gender. I wish Maya well and consider her extremely brave.
  • Amazing courage Maya. This is so important for democracy, freedom of expression and for women’s rights
  • Donating so that in future I can display my name on petitions like this.
  • Thank you for being brave. I daren’t even include my name on this message but am donating what I can afford x


We set the initial target at £30,000 for the initial work on the case to take it as far as as a preliminary hearing. To go to a full merits hearing we will need at least £60,000. So I have raised the target.

If you haven’t donated already please do donate now, and continue to share the campaign (anyone who donates any amount will get updates on the case — i won’t inundate you but I will let you know what is happening).

The process of being investigated and losing my job was slow, lonely and demoralizing, and I am sure that the process of going to employment tribunal will be long and difficult. But knowing that I am doing it with so much support is amazing.

Thank you.


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